November 6th 2019

Today I booked my flights to New Zealand. I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to join my friend on the last leg of his tour travelling the country. He leaves in 2 weeks, and I leave 2 months after that. My flight leaves on January 29th and lands two days later on January 31st. It’s a long old way. It’s almost literally the antipode of the U.K. If you dug a tunnel in a straight line through the earth from where I live, you’d end up a couple hundred miles south of New Zealand.

New Zealand is almost 12,000 miles away from here, and the earth is “only” 24,000 miles in circumference. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that New Zealand is half the world away. And the flights were only £800. I’m flying west and stopping off in San Francisco on the way. It’s an 11 hour flight to San Fran, an 8 hour layover, and then a 13 hour flight to Auckland.

I’m hoping 8 hours in San Fran is long enough to head into the city, see at least one thing I want to see, and then head back to the airport. Twice. Because I’m doing the same thing on the way back too.

I had to choose my seats on the plane, and usually I’d choose to sit by the window, but all I’m going to be flying over is ocean. First the Atlantic, and then the Pacific, so there’s not going to be much to see anyway, so there won’t be much to see anyway.

I’ve never been to the southern hemisphere, and I’ve never been to a continent that isn’t Europe or America, so this will be a first for me in many ways. I have no idea what we’re going to be doing when I get out there, but at this point it’s enough for me to know that I’m going.

Until tomorrow, I cannot wait.


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