November 7th 2019

Today I’ve already changed my plans and have decided that I’m going to fly to Wellington instead of Auckland when I go to New Zealand in January. I booked my tickets to Auckland yesterday because they were £400 cheaper than flying to Wellington. But then today I realised that it’s a £20 one hour domestic flight to go from Auckland to Wellington so I may as well just do that.

That way, I can meet my mate Jim in Wellington, and then together we can meander through the north island and we have three weeks to head towards Auckland where we both fly home at the end of February.

I don’t know why I didn’t consider this option yesterday when I was booking the flights, but I’m glad that it’s only gonna cost me an extra 20 bucks instead of an extra 400.

I saw Jim tonight — he’s a cutie and popped in to introduce himself to my parents before he leaves — and it made me super excited. We’ve still got absolutely nothing planned, but that’s kind of the idea. We’ll just rent a van and drive and see what happens. It’s gonna be amazing.

Until tomorrow, it’s slowly coming together.


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