November 9th 2019

Today I got a parking ticket even though my car was displaying a perfectly valid residents parking badge. I was parked within the lines. I was not blocking a garage. I was parked in an area that my permit permits me to park, and I still got a ticket.

Naturally, I’ve appealed it, but if the appeal fails it’s a £70 fine, or £35 if I pay it in two weeks. I’m hoping the appeal process is not included in that two weeks, because that wouldn’t make too much sense otherwise.

It was a bit of a shitter to return to my car and find that. I’d parked in that street to save a bit of money because I got the train to work yesterday, and I didn’t want to pay for a taxi to my house there and back. So I parked my car in a nearby street for which I have a parking permit. In the end, it’s not saved me money but cost me double.

Unless the appeal comes through, which I hope it does.

Until tomorrow, it was a valid permit!


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