November 12th 2019

Today I’m fairly sure my foot is going to fall off. It still hasn’t fully recovered from where I sprained my ankle last week, and somehow the pain and the swelling and the bruising has spread from my ankle to my toes and to my shin. Look at my toes:

That is not a normal way for a foot to look. I’m thinking that if it continues to get worse rather than improve, then I may have to take it to see someone. Walking is hurting, and so is wearing socks. I feel like if it hurts to wear socks then something is not right in the world. Wearing socks should bring comfort and warmth, not a numbing sense of pain. If that is not a tautology. Which it might be.

To be honest, I’ve not done the RICE thing nearly as much as I should have. I rested, iced, compressed, and elevated the ankle for the first day or so, but haven’t done much since then other than slam back a couple of ibuprofen now and then and complain that it hurts.

Until tomorrow, if it continues to hurt I’m going to have to see a doctor.


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