November 14th 2019

Today I swore I was going to sort out my sleeping pattern with an early rise and an early night. I went to bed at a decent time yesterday, and even woke up at a decent time, but then I laid in bed for too long because it had snowed over night and I didn’t want to leave the house.

And now, it’s almost midnight and I’ve not gone to sleep yet. I can physically feel my fucked up sleeping pattern affecting me during the day, and I’d like to return to the time where I slept at 10:30 and rose at 7 every day. That was the time when I was feeling healthiest, but that was also during the summer time when getting up at 7 is easy because the sun has been out for an hour.

Today’s snow made it difficult.

And so now, again, I’m going to be tired when I wake up tomorrow, and tired by midday, and then I’m getting drunk in a hot tub tomorrow night so I’ll probably be fine for that.

Until tomorrow, sleep tight.


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