November 16th 2019

Today I’d had enough of laying around in bed all day feeling contemplative and sorry for myself so I decided to book a train to London for a night out.

I’d deliberately not made any plans for this weekend because — having just spent £800 on a flight to New Zealand — I wanted to save some money.

So I was watching Netflix and led in bed and was feeling thoroughly bored and alone, and realised that it was well within my power to change that. And so I did. I text a mate, booked a train, and will be in Paddington within the next ten minutes.

Considering I only made the decision 90 minutes ago, that’s not bad going I don’t think.

I mean, it’s completely obliterated my intention of a cheap and lazy weekend, but I needed to do something with my Saturday evening, after doing absolutely nothing with my Saturday afternoon.

Until tomorrow, to Shoreditch we go.


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