November 21st 2019

Today we had another leaving do for Jim. It’s now the third leaving do we’ve had for him. We went to Oxford a couple weekends ago, we had a Hot Tub takeaway party last weekend, and now tonight we went out for dinner and drinks. I’m beginning to think that he’s milking this farewell tour as a way of tricking me into buying him beer. And it’s working to be fair.

On Monday he flies to New Zealand for 3-12 months. Definitely at least 3. Maybe up to 12. I’m not going to see him for definitely 2 months, because I’m flying over to visit him at the end of January.

I’ve seen Jim a lot this summer and we’ve got close, so it’s sad that he’s flying to literally the other side of the world for possibly the next year, but on the brightside it gives me an excuse to have the holiday of a lifetime.

Until tomorrow, see you soon Jimbo.


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