November 27th 2019

Today I took a step closer to finding a new place to live. I’ve viewed a property every night so far this week, and tonight I viewed one for the second time. Well, I was twenty minutes late to the viewing because I got stuck in a crisis (one I probably blew out of proportion) at work.

I’m looking at moving in with a friend, Spence (not his real name, but that is what we call him), that I used to work with. He’s just got a job in Cheltenham (where we’re moving) and I mentioned that we should get a place together. He wanted to see the place that I viewed yesterday to see if it would do us both. I liked it, but he wasn’t sold on it.

We hopefully have two more viewings lined up tomorrow, and with each day we’re getting closer and closer to finding somewhere that works. To begin with, when I was viewing places I didn’t really know what I was looking for, and I still don’t really, but I’m beginning to get a sense of whether or not I could picture myself in any given place.

One place I saw yesterday was on paper nice enough, and on screen nice enough, and in reality nice enough, it just didn’t seem like me. And I don’t really know what ‘seems like me‘ but I guess I will know when I find it, right?

Until tomorrow, it just needs to ‘seem like Spence’, too.


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