November 28th 2019

Today, after viewing 9 places in three days, and 5 today alone, I found the flat I’m going to move into. If all goes well, I could move in 10 days time. I currently don’t have any stuff to move in, so I doubt that moving in will take me very long.

We viewed five properties today, the first of the day being the one that we ended up preferring. I had nothing against any of the first three, and it could’ve been any of them, but after we saw the first one it seemed to be the one that stuck in our mind. So when we sat in the pub after seeing the fifth property, it didn’t take us very long to decide.

It’s a nice location. Two decent sized rooms. Newly decorated. Decent price. Completely unfurnished, but that’s fine. All I need is a bed. I really, really hate admin so I hope that because it’s currently empty that the move-in process will go smoothly.

Until tomorrow, I could have my own place again in ten days time.


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