November 29th 2019

Today I passed my references and I’ll be moved into my new flat within two weeks. That’s not bad going considering I started looking for places on Monday. It feels good to be somewhat spontaneous after a year of stagnasis (didn’t expect that to be a word but it was)

I realised that it’s been over a year since I moved back in with my parents, and it was never supposed to last that long. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, and then I almost moved to London, which delayed me leaving home, and then for some reason I never did. So I stayed longer than I wanted to. But I’ve got my own place to move into now. And I think that’s gonna be really beneficial to me.

I need routine, and responsibility, and for my commute to be half as long as it is now because my body is aching by the time I get home from work these days. I don’t know why that’s the commute’s fault, but it starts to ache during the commute so I’m willing to point the finger.

I think there are only a few final bits of paperwork to sign then Spence and I will be able to move in. Originally Spence was going to be coming a month later, but I think we’re both gonna be in from the start now. That gives me the nice, quiet month of December to get settled in a new place. I can’t think of anything happening in December that could get in the way of me being able to concentrate on decking out my new flat, can you?

Until tomorrow, oh yeah, Christmas.


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