December 1st 2019

Today I met my niece, baby Sophia Athena Aristides. My sister gave birth on Tuesday, but because she lives in London I’ve not been able to see the baby until today when me, mum, dad and my other sister took the drive together. Mum and dad have been up four times already, but it was my first opportunity.

I was a bit scared, because I’ve never held a baby that young before. Or even seen a baby that young before. She was the smallest thing I’ve ever seen. The whole concept of pregnancy and the fact that she grew inside of my sister is still so strange to me, but seeing her in the flesh I was amazed by how any person could ever be so small. Her little nostrils. Her little fingers. Her little eyes. Her nonexistent chin.

Right now she’s just a tiny ball of smush, so I was scared to hold her. I just sat on the sofa and was asked to be passed her, in order to ensure there was no dropping of the baby. I mean, I wouldn’t’ve, but I still preferred the safer option.

I also waited until everyone else had had a turn to be thrown up/pooped on and until Sophia was sound asleep before I took a turn to hold her. That meant she could just sleep peacefully in my arms. I successfully did not make her cry immediately, which I was glad about.

She dozed in my arms for a while until I realised my biceps (or lack thereof) ached from constant and unaware tensing. After noticing, I relaxed a little bit and felt more comfortable. And then someone stole her away for their own cuddle.

She’s cute.

Until tomorrow, I didn’t drop her.


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