December 2nd 2019

Today I started furniture shopping for my new flat. Well, Spence started shopping, I just transferred him half of the money. We’re going for a minimalistic, monochromatic, IKEA bachelor-chic vibe, I think. A modern classic.

We agreed to split the cost of the furniture for the living room, and then just buy stuff for our bedrooms seperately. That is the reason that currently the living room is going to be more furnished than my bedroom — because he’s been proactive enough to look for livin room stuff, while I move in in 7 days and do not yet have a bed.

My general rule in life is to never panic about anything that is not going to kill me, and not having a bed is not going to kill me, but it will cause me an uncomfortable life. Sleeping on the floor is for hippies and the drunk-in-London version of me. I need a bed. But that means buying a bed. And assembling a bed. So I’m gonna have to buy a bed and figure out how to assemble a bed.

This is also costing me a fair whack of cash, so I’m doubly glad that I have Spence with me to halve both the effort and the cost — on the living room, at least.

Until tomorrow, now I just need a bed.


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