December 4th 2019

Today I really probably should have started packing by now. I move into my new flat on Monday and I have not packed a single thing. I also still currently do not have a bed in my new flat. All of these things were true three days ago also, but I’m not stressed. It’s one of the finer aspects of my personality: my ability to remain calm about things like this. At the end of the day, it’ll all work out alright, so there’s no point fretting.

Of course, one can’t be too alakefic as then I will literally end up sleeping naked on the floor because I don’t have a bed or any clothes in my new flat, so I do understand that there is at least some urgency required here.

The last time I moved was slightly more stressful, because I had a whole house worth of stuff to fit into one bedroom, but now I’m going in the other direction, it’s less of a pain. I basically need to pack up all of my clothes into a suitcase, disassemble the desk and bookcase in my bedroom, and then pack all of the assorted items in/around the desk/bookcase into boxes. I also need to get some boxes.

Again, it does sound like I’m super unprepared, but that’s because I’m confident that everything will be okay, so there’s no point worrying about it. In reality, I’ve got the whole weekend to pack, and then I’m off work on Monday to move everything, so it’ll be fine.

Until tomorrow, it’ll be fine…


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