December 6th 2019

Today I got stuck in that traffic for the last time. I move house on Monday, and my commute is going to go from over an hour and painful to, hopefully, 30 minutes and smooth.

I can’t say I’ll miss that particular commute, though the chances are I will have to do it another couple of times at least this year, and it won’t have been the final final time. The traffic was particularly bad today, so perhaps that was my send off.

This now means that suddenly I’ve gained an hour of every day. I have one more hour to fill each day. I can get up 30 minutes later, and get home 30 minutes earlier. Considering I’m only actually ever really home and awake for, like, 4 hours a day, getting an extra hour on top of that is a result. That’s like a 25% increase.

Until tomorrow, what can I do with that hour?


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