December 7th 2019

Today I took a trip to IKEA to get some essential stuff for my new flat. I was kind of overwhelmed by the prospect of the large, furniture-shaped items, so I stuck to filling my bag with kitchen stuff. It took me a while to get in the buying mood, and it just so happened that that mood began right around the time we entered the kitchen section.

I spent £6 on a garlic crusher because I can. I bought a chopping board. And some pans. And a set of knives. And two bottle openers because for a long time I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, and somehow both of them ended up in my basket. Also, two wooden spoons ended up in the basket but that’s less of a problem because I can use two wooden spoons. I don’t really have much use for a corkscrew, because I don’t drink wine, but it’s just something you have in a house, right?

Other things you have in a house are, I’m told, plants. And so I bought some plants. They will probably die. As I will probably neglect them. But getting plants is a thing that you do, right? I got a succulent, and another thing.

Actually I don’t think that’s a succulent. That’s just a word that I learned today and I wanted to use it. Kirstyn, what are those plants? Any idea?

Considering I spent £150, looking back at it I don’t actually think that I bought that much stuff. Because I only had one bag’s worth of stuff, and no furniture to show for it. But ‘stuff’ is what I went to IKEA to get, and ‘stuff’ is what I came back from IKEA with.

Until tomorrow, I forgot to get plates.


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