December 9th 2019

Today I moved into my new flat. Its been a wild two weeks since I decided that I wanted to move, but today I’m in, and I’ve almost got everything I need. My mum helped me move in, and together we assembled my new bed, and then I went out and bought a duvet (because I did not yet have one), and those two things cover most of what I need.

I still have a desk and a bookcase at home that didn’t fit into the cars we brought with us, so I currently have quite an empty room.

Mum insisted on taking photos of me in each room of the flat. I think I look kind of photoshopped in that one. The lighting also makes it look like I’m far too tall for that bed, which I assure you I am not.

At the moment we don’t have a sofa, so tonight we ate dinner while sitting on camping chairs and drinking cheap beer. It was like being at a festival!

I really enjoyed cooking tonight. I’ve been waiting to get back into it for a while, and I got far too much enjoyment out of how easily my new knives chopped up the veg I put in the Spag Bol. Saying that makes me feel old and boring.

I’m happy to be in my new place.

Until tomorrow, there’s still a lot to do, but that’s fine.


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