December 10th 2019

Today I embraced my new Cheltenham lifestyle by going shopping in Waitrose. There was so much tweed. I needed to pop to the shop because, despite spending £100 in Tesco yesterday, I had nothing for dinner tonight. So instead of going back to Tesco I figured I’d give my new local Waitrose a try.

Man, it’s posh in there. Did you know there’s a station where you can bring your own Tupperware containers to fill up with pasta/rice? Did you also know that Tupperware is a proper noun, because my phone just autocorrected it to have a capital T. Fascinating.

There’s also this:

A station where you can grind your own coffee beans. I can already tell that so much of my paycheck each month is going to be spent at that exact station.

I mean, Waitrose is super overpriced but it’s more about the experience, right?

I did get super confused by the self checkout because you have to weigh your loose items on the scales and then apply your own barcode. I’m a swindon boy, I’m not used to this fancy shit.

Until tomorrow, I’ll learn.


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