December 16th 2019

Today I filled the fridge up with a Big Food Shop™. Though, can it be called the Big Food Shop™ if it totalled £18.70? Honestly, I thought I was being a bit overzealous with the things I was the things I was picking up off the shelves, but I guess that’s Aldi for you. Because I’ve just moved in, I still need to get a lot of cupboard stuff, and I don’t have a lot of the sauces and spices and stuff that I’d use regularly, and not just within ‘the week’.

I picked up some sauces for my stir fry, though they didn’t have Oyster (but I guess that’s Aldi for you), and I was getting the, you know, ‘cupboard stuff’ and still somehow it was only £18.70. I think I’ve got enough food for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners this weeks. I even bought a ‘just-in-case’ pizza to leave in the freezer because I don’t ever again want to be in the situation I was in yesterday where I could not leave my bed and the only food I had in my house was a shepherd’s pie.

And so, my fridge is full:

Until tomorrow, the beer did not come within that £18.70, the beer was already there.


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