December 17th 2019

Today I had a salad for dinner because I needed some wholesome goodness in my life. It was my version of a salad, anyway. I had four sausages, a slap of coleslaw, (not an official measurement, but I kinda just slapped a bunch on my plate) and then a handful of a bag of ‘bistro salad’ — which is, like, maybe spinach(?) and then little strands of beetroot.

That’s almost a salad.

That is at least one half of a salad. With four sausages.

I probably could’ve upped the wholesome a little bit with some, I dunno, sliced tomatoes or something but I’m not Joe Wicks ffs. Thinking about it, however, I should’ve boiled an egg to go with it. Thinking more on it, however, I don’t actually know how to boil an egg and I don’t think you can put a fried egg on a salad. That said, I don’t think you can put four richmond sausages on it and still call it a salad either.

Until tomorrow, it wasn’t a salad.


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