December 18th 2019

Today I realised I’ve not been watering my plants. I realised this when I came home from work and the plant on my windowsill was literally hanging halfway out of the window in an effort to get some rain water as nourishment. It must have been really thirsty.

Obviously, my plant is not sentient, I’d just left the window open when I went to work, and the wind had knocked the plant over, leaving it hanging out the window in search of food. I’ve realised I’ve not described that very well so here is a dramatic re-enactment:

I mean, I’ve faked that for the sake of the photo, but that is basically how it looked earlier. The poor thing was desperate for water. Luckily, it was raining. The fact that I’m ten days into being a plant carer and I have not yet killed the plants completely is frankly above my expectations.

Until tomorrow, I’ve watered them now.


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