December 22nd 2019

Today I — actually, no. Spence did it all — constructed the bookcase and desk that I brought from home to my (our) new flat yesterday. After a late start, we carried the whole lot upstairs, and Spence once again proved himself as the superior man by almost single handedly turning the flatpacks into actual furniture. I was also there. And this is what we came up with:

Also, we went out for our first meal since we’ve been in Cheltenham. To a Thai restaurant called Giggling Squid. Spence was unsure on the sound of it, but I told him to trust me. And we’re both glad that I did.

From the Giggling Squid, we meandered our way back through Cheltenham, trying to find ‘our local’. After a few potentials, Spence found one that he was set on. In my eyes, the best thing it had going for it was the 50p games of pool (I won 2-0), and the worst thing about it was that Stella was the best beer on tap. And Stella is not a good beer.

The other three places we’d been were more craft ale/hipster places, but without 50p pool tables. So it’s really a tough decision.

Until tomorrow, we were welcomed into the King’s Arms.


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