December 24th 2019

Today I got hustled in The George of all places on Christmas Eve of all days. It was supposed to be a nice friendly game of doubles pool, and we won the first one, but then Daryl(?) called “winner buys the round” on the second game.

I was straight hustled.

He knew what he was doing.

Considering we won the first round I’m calling that a 1-1 and so we should have had a decider. Daryl didn’t mention that, though, so I didn’t either.

It was me and Jane against Daryl and Jane (different Jane) and me and Jane should have cleaned up. We did not clear up.

To be fair, I couldn’t stomach the last beer anyway so I didn’t miss out on too much.

Other than that, we played spoof — a game in which it seems the primary objective is to get as many people as possible drunk and yet only one person has to drink every five or ten minutes.

I’m still fuming that I was hustled, but I’m

More fuming that I did not win the game that I quite easily could have won.

Until tomorrow, the pride could have done it.


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