December 25th 2019

Today I simply had to have a second plate of Christmas dinner. I felt like I would’ve been letting myself down, and more importantly letting my mum down, if I didn’t go back for more.

We had duck with dauphinois potatoes and it was divine. At actual dinner time I didn’t force myself to have another plate, because I didn’t want to stuff myself to the point were I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Instead I just left it an hour or so and then heated up the leftovers when my stomach was ready for more.

Usually at that time of night on Christmas day it’s time to break out the cheese board, but while Mum and Dad had Christmas pudding, I had more duck. It would’ve been criminal not to have any more. I mean just look at it:

And that’s before I even put any sauce on it.

Duck. Dauphinois. Tenderstem. Red cabbage. Chantenay carrots. Port jus. Heaven.

To be fair, Christmas day started quite well on the food front too. Here’s a photo I stole from my sister:

It’s been a good day. It’s particularly been a good day for food, but also for laughter.

As we grow older, some of our many small Christmas traditions seem to dwindle away, but one Christmas tradition you can always rely on is Mum starting to cry while looking at the photo calendar she gets from Dad (but mainly Genine):

Until tomorrow, Merry Christmas everyone..


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