December 26th 2019

Today for the first time in as long as I can remember, we had a completely full house at Grandma’s for Boxing Day. Usually there is at least one of us missing: either one of the 2 children, or one of the 6 grandchildren, or one of the 5 partners of grandchildren, or one of the (now) 2-4 great-grandchildren usually can not make it for whatever reason.

Sometimes it’s work, or honeymoons, or holidays, but this year we were all there. Every single one. A full complement.

I may not be the baby of the family anymore, but I am still the tallest. (Am totally not on tiptoes honest)

Considering that baby Sophia is just over four weeks old, that is officially the most (immediate) family members we’ve ever had in a single photo. We’ve had four generations before, but never with that many people at once.

There’s also another photo that I don’t currently have that includes all of us: boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, fiancés, and kids. When I do get that photo, I’ll put it here:

Isn’t that amazing? It fills my heart (I assume. Like I said, I’ve not seen it yet)

As you can imagine, with 20(?) people in the house, there was an unbelievable amount of food. And also wine/beer. Both the food and the wine/beer went down lovely.

Until tomorrow, full house.


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