December 30th 2019

Today my visa was confirmed and I am officially allowed to enter New Zealand next month. I’m quite glad about that because I’ve already booked the flight, and I didn’t fancy travelling over there for forty eight hours just to be told that I’m not allowed into the country and must immediately fly back to the UK. That would have been a pain.

Thankfully, it’s all (I think) sorted with plenty of time to spare. Because I fully intend to pack as lightly as I possibly can (I’m literally only taking a backpack) there’s not actually that much else I need to sort before I go. I do, however, need to spend £500 on a bus ticket. That’s how we’re travelling around when I meet my friend out there. Originally, we were going to rent a campervan but that is a looooooooot of money. The bus takes you all around both islands and you can hop on/hop off wherever you like.

Now that I am officially allowed into the country, I can start to sort that kind of thing out. So tomorrow I’ll phone someone up and buy the most expensive bus ticket I’ll probably ever buy.

Until tomorrow, actually tomorrow is New Year’s Eve so maybe I’ll wait a few days…


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