December 31st 2019

Today I felt super claustrophobic in a room full of people and demanded/requested we left the bar we were in as soon as we’d finished our post-midnight drinks. Happy new year, by the way. I’d wanted to leave for like half an hour before midnight, because it was just far too busy. They’d let too many people in and I felt like a sardine in a tin.

We were in the Clarence Social in Cheltenham because The Bottle of Sauce didn’t let us in. I’d phoned earlier in the night to make sure that the Bottle of Sauce were allowing entries on the door, and then when we got there we were told there were no more entires on the door. Mixed messages.

I mean, to be fair, we should kind of have expected to be turned away from places if we just walked out into the street on New Year’s Eve and tried to find somewhere to eat, and then somewhere else to drink. We sat down at a couple of different tables before we were told A) the restaurant wasn’t serving food or B) they had no spare tables. I found the second one harder to believe than the first one considering we were literally sat at a spare table when we were being told that.

Eventually we went to Wagamama, because of course.

We bar-hopped a bit after that and headed towards the Bottle of Sauce in our shit shirts — ready for the Vice City night. (think 80s vibe)

In the end, our shit shirts made us stand out in the Clarence Social because there were toffs wearing blazers and we were among the most ridiculously attractive group of people I’ve ever seen in my life. Clearly, we were out of place, but they didn’t charge us to get in and there was no queue so you couldn’t really complain.

Actually I did complain. Because they didn’t charge you to get in and there was no queue that meant it was absolutely rammed. There were far too many people, and I could barely move, drink, or dance. I also got super bummed out and decided in my head that I had to leave. So we did. But at least we made it to midnight.

Until tomorrow, happy New Year.


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