January 1st 2020

Todayis five years since I started this daily blog. Congrats everyone, we made it. On all but one day of the last five years I’ve written a blog post detailing what happened on that particular day. Sometimes the blog posts happen past midnight, so you could say that they no longer count for ‘that day’, but I make the rules so shut up. As long as I do one by the time I go to sleep that ‘day’, then it counts. And only once have I missed that. I didn’t even have a particularly good reason for missing it, either, I just forgot.

I thought I’d actually had quite a good 2019, but I just went back and checked my blog post from January 1st 2019 and apparently the resolutions I was working towards last year were outdated, and weren’t the ones I actually set. What I thought I was aiming for were these:

  1. Run a sub-20 minute 5km race.
  2. Align my focus.

I achieved both of those, so I thought that 2019 had been alright. I ran a 19:57 5km in February, and I also aligned my focus in March (more on this later). In the first quarter of the year I’d completed everything I wanted to do. Or I thought I had. Turns out, these were the actual resolutions I set this time last year:

  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Take better care of myself

Oh yeah. I remember now. I was planning on learning how to play the piano. That didn’t happen. I did garner more of an interest in cooking, and I’m definitely a better cook than I was last year, but I can’t definitively say that I’ve learnt any specific new skills this year, so I’m just gonna say that was a fail. The ‘take better care of myself’ one is kinda subjective, I guess. It’s not binary like the sub-20 5km. The run I either did or I didn’t do (I did do it), but taking care of myself? Idk.

One thing I did try to do this year was prioritise my happiness over anything else. I spent a lot of money on holidays, and weekends away, and nights out, and dinners, because I like doing that stuff. And it makes me happy. And seeing my friends, and doing things with people makes me happy. Sure, it doesn’t always make financial sense to do so, but if it’s better for my head then it’s worth doing. So I’m glad I did.

Back to ‘align my focus’ — when I set that one two years ago, it was tasking myself to decide what my endgoal was in life: Did I want to me an author? A writer? An editor? A publisher? Lots of it was based around literary stuff, because at the time I was a copywriter. Well, this year I did kind of figure out what I want to do with my life. And the good thing is that I’m already doing it. Well, I’m already on the right path, at least.

In March, I got given a new job role at work (call it a promotion if you like, because I do), and I’m not a writer, per se, any more. My role is now a more broader digital marketing and online sales job. And I really, really love it. And that’s what gives me satisfaction in life. Before, I was looking for something else to give me that: books, magazines, whatever. I needed something outside of my day job to give me the sense of accomplishment that I crave. But now I get that from work. Because we’re all really about how much stuff we sell, I’m laser-focused on the targets, and the numbers, and I’m actually now re-incorporating a lot of my Maths degree into my job. It’s just a good fit for me.

I’m on the right path. My goal is to keep within this field, and keep progressing, and keep working towards promotions, and that’s all I need. My focus is my career now, because that’s enough. That gives me enough.

I’ll probably keep this blog going, just because I don’t like the thought of breaking the streak, but I’m not a writer any more. I did self-publish a novel last year, but that was more for a sense of completion than one of achievement. That said, the fact that there is a copy of my novel on four different continents is another kinda cool thing that happened last year. Other notable things include: becoming an uncle, moving into a new flat.

I think 2019 was a good year. I progressed a lot. I went on four great holidays. I reconnected with old friends, and made a lot of new ones.

Until tomorrow, that said, I want 2020 to be better.


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