January 5th 2020

Today the URL for this blog is now permanently jacn.co.uk, and it can no longer be accessed through fillingmyblanks.com. I changed it to jacn like a year ago, but left fillingmyblanks there as a redirect to jacn. That redirect will no longer work because fillingmyblanks expired and I didn’t want to spend another £15 renewing it. I’ve just spent £85 on renewing a year’s worth of WordPress Hosting, so I didn’t want to spend anymore.

That may seem like an excessive amount of money when you consider that this is not a professional website, it’s just a personal blog, but the whole point of this daily diary is that it happens every day. And so I need to be sure that there is not a single day where I’m left unable to access this website. So far, in five years of WordPress that has never happened. The website has not once been down, and I’ve not once been unable to login. So that’s pretty good going.

I do wish that the £85 renewal had come at a different time of year, however, because I have a holiday at the end of this month and I could’ve used the cash. Oh well. I also need to buy a new phone. Oh well.

Until tomorrow, update your bookmarks to jacn.co.uk.


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