January 5th 2020

Today I cooked a chicken jalfrezi from scratch. To be honest with you, it took two hours and I’m not sure that it tasted any different from how a jalfrezi from a Lloyd Grossman can of sauce would’ve tasted, but I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

With my Lidl shop today I committed to a week of culinary practice. The dishes for which I have bought ingredients are on the edge of adventurous, and beyond what I’d usually cook for ‘easy’ weeknight meals. But that was the point. I wanted to push myself, and I’ve not cooked an Indian curry for a while. (demographic clarification because I have cooked both Thai and Chinese currys recently)

Again, it tasted like it should taste, which is a good thing, right? The thing I did wrong was in reading the ingredients before I read the method, because in the method is pointed out the need for a food processor, but the ingredients did not do that. So my curry had diced vegetables rather than vegetables that have been through a food processor. Alas, it worked out in the end.

Thinking about it, the sauce should have been blended, but it still kind of worked anyway. The bits added texture, let’s say.

Cooking the jalfrezi involved buying a load of spices that I’ve never bought before, which means that the spice shelf in my kitchen is now slowly developing into fullness. That’s not a phrase. Ignore that.

Here’s what the end product looked like:

Until tomorrow, ignore the fact that my rice is not perfectly sticky.


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