January 8th 2020

Today I was actually weirdly glad that my laptop decided to crash without warning and lose everything I’d worked on all afternoon. Even though it was annoying to have to re-do it all, and even though I felt like having a little cry when I checked my temporary files, autosaved files, and Excel’s auto recovery to no avail, having to re-do the spreadsheet I was working on taught me a way to do what I was doing quicker than I did it the first time. That was a long sentence.

Bceause I was annoyed at myself for losing it, I thought of a more efficient method in order to save time in my rebuild (I’m not gonna bore you with the details of the =IFNAs and =VLOOKUPs, because you really don’t want to know) and now the spreadsheet is not only more lightweight, but it’s future-proof too, and means that managing it going forward will be easier too. (okay maybe I am going to bore you with the details)

Also, doing that kind of work is really easy and quite brainless when you’ve already done it once before and are just repeating steps for much of it. Also, like I said, the outcome was a more robust, more detailed version of the thing that deleted itself.

So here’s a not-so-solid piece of advice: just delete all your work once you’ve completed it because the next time you complete it you’ll end up doing it better than you possibly could’ve done in the first place.

Until tomorrow, probably.


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