January 12th 2020

Today I got two parking tickets. Both of them outside my house. We have one parking permit for our flat, and one parking space. I was parked in the space, and he was parked behind me. Behind me isn’t double yellows like in other parts of the area, and our letting agent told us we could park there freely. So that’s what we’ve done for the last month that we’ve lived there.

But it’s Spence’s car that it registered to that space, not mine. So I got a ticket. Then he got a ticket for parking behind me because, apparently, all cars should be parked in bays — even though our letting agent told us otherwise.

So we both got a parking ticket. For £100 each, or £60 each if we pay in the next 14 days. Naturally we’re going to appeal, because I was parked in the bay for the flat that I live in — and that seems fair enough. And Spence was parked with a permit, and the only one he was blocking was me, so that also seems fair enough.

I’m hoping we’re successful in our appeal, because I really could do without paying a £60 fine right now. Also, it’s kind of the principle of it. It’s my flat, and I was parked in our bay. Ridiculous, but also those are kind of the rules. I don’t have a permit, and I was parked without a permit. I don’t know why it’s not been a problem for the last month of us living here, though.

Anyway, I’ll appeal, and we’ll probably lose because people are heartless.

Until tomorrow, wish us luck.


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