January 19th 2020

Today I packed ready for a work trip to Germany tomorrow. It’s my first work trip in, like, 9 months(?), and my first time out of the country this year. I enjoy any excuse to get out of the country, and I also enjoy work, so getting to work outside of the country is like doubly interesting to me.

We have a pretty packed itinerary for the three days we’re there, then I’m back in the office for four work days, then off to New Zealand for three weeks (that one isn’t a work trip). It’s going to be a pretty hectic rest of the month, and a lot of it is going to be spent in the air. At some point I lose an entire day as well, because I take off on the 29th of January, fly westward over the International Date Line and then land on the 31st of January. So to me, I’ll never experience January 30th 2019, I think.

I wonder what I’ll do about that day’s blog… Eh, I’ll think of something.

Tomorrow’s flight is going to be much simpler. I’ve missed going on work trips, but there’s been no reason for me to go in a while. Thankfully, I was needed for this one so I get to fly out to Frankfurt, and then get a train to our offices in Karlsruhe.

It’s been a long, difficult, tiring week this week, and travel usually energises or exhausts me, so I’m hoping that it’s the former this time and I won’t just be knackered all week. The coffee in Germany is crap so I won’t even be able to rely on that, either.

Until tomorrow, come fly with me.


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