January 21st 2020

Today I had a long day full of meetings and learning. We’re in Karlsruhe, in South(?)-West(?) Germany for a few days, and it was pretty full on today. It was back to back meetings literally nine till five, and I started it with a hangover, which wasn’t nice.

Because I was pretty hungover this morning, we went a bit steadier today and I was in bed for 10pm. We just went out for dinner at a Japanese place. I was expecting fantastic things, but I was let down by ordering the wrong thing. I tried to be slightly adventurous with my starter, but it just turned out to be a lot of fish.

My main (duck rice curry thing) was only slightly better. After dinner, (it was actually before but I can’t be bothered to reword the previous paragraph to fit in with the timeline narrative) we wandered around Karlsruhe, and then briefly scooted around Karlsruhe.

There are a load of scooters all over the city and you can just scan them with an app and hop on any of them. We took it in turns to fly up and down a cycle path being honked at by actual cyclists. It was great fun.

Then we stumbled on a massive palace (because we were looking for it):

And also an ice rink, which we weren’t looking for.

All in all, it was a good day’s work.

Until tomorrow, we fly home in 16 hours.


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