January 22nd 2020

Today was a rare occasion where I found myself glad that the company I work for is owned by a large German company. For one, I just got to spend three days in Germany, so that’s a nice bonus. But secondly, although I do tend to complain about the unnecessary levels of bureaucracy involved in our setup, the fact that we have this larger parent company means we have a free learning resource, who are completely willing to help us succeed — because it’s in their own interests if we do.

We were there for this crash course on a bit of tech that they’re letting us use that will improve the way we sell things to our customers. I wasn’t completely sold on it before the trip, because I didn’t really understand it, but this bit of tech they’re giving us will, if we use it right, mean we can sell more things. And that is my entire interest. And, again, they want us to be successful so they’re helping us in any way they can.

On days like today I’m glad we have them. I’m sure that’ll change again at some point, and I’ll grow frustrated by the hierarchy and whatever, but today I am thankful.

One tricky part is that they have an entire team of people solely dedicated to making the most out of this tech system, whereas we are just going to be integrating it into our workloads, so we’ll struggle to have quite the impact that they have, but they’ve also promised to help us out wherever they can.

I’m fairly sure I’m correct in saying that they probably bill us for this consultancy, so when I say ‘free advice’, I mean free to me.

It was a good trip, I learnt a lot, ate a lot, drank some (shh), and rented a scooter.

Until tomorrow, danke schön.


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