January 25th 2020

Today I packed for my three week trip to New Zealand. I leave on Wednesday! I wanted to spend some of today getting out all the things I’m going to need to take, and lay them on my bed. I didn’t attempt to pack them into my backpack yet, so I’m still unsure whether or not everything I want to take will fit in the bag I want to take.

Theoretically, I could bring a suitcase, but from the start I haven’t wanted to. I like the idea of the freedom of travelling to the literal opposite side of the world with nothing but a backpack.

I have 7 bottoms, 7 tops, and 7 sets of underwear. We’re going to be staying in hostels, so a wash once a week and I’ll be fine.

Honestly, I think I have too many shorts. I have 3 pairs of actual shorts, 2 pairs of swimming shorts, some running shorts, and a pair of jeans. That can probably be streamlined a bit if needed.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to pack it all into the bag and see how well it goes. There’s still some other stuff I need to buy, too.

Until tomorrow, 3 weeks, 2 countries, 1 bag.


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