January 26th 2020

Today I can happily confirm that I successfully packed all of the clothes I’m taking to New Zealand into one backpack. The haters said it could not be done. The doubters said I’d never do it. The realists commented with probable truth that I should ideally take more than I have planned to take, and so my backpack is still underpacked despite being fully packed.

That shows you, haters!

That guy is a 29-litre North Face Borealis and it’s a fucking tardis in there. Seriously, all of the stuff below fitted into that backpack with almost no problem.

It’s all to do with the roll and fold packing technique that I learnt from my Mum. In order to maximise the storage volume, you need to make sure the entire thing is compact, with no gaps between items. Rolling clothes up into cylinders means you can stack them next to eachother and minimise the amount of room between items. The denisty also gives the bag some extra structural rigidity, and spreads the weight out for better comfort.

Really, haters, it’s just science. I even managed to squeeze an extra pair of shoes (daps) into the bag. And you didn’t believe it could be done.

I know, well, actually, you believed it could be done you just believed that I’d need more stuff for three weeks of travelling on a bus around New Zealand. With the sands of time, you may prove to have been correct, but if you are, then I’m never going to admit it so really we should just assume that you were wrong. Ha.

The only thing that isn’t in the bag currently is that towel, but as you can see it’s still sort of in the bag. I also need to get a water bottle, but other than that I am completely packed and ready to fly to New Zealand in three days.

Until tomorrow, the bag isn’t even that heavy.


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