January 27th 2020

Today I have just about checked everything off my “things to check before I fly to New Zealand on Wednesday” checklist. The main thing on the checklist that I have yet to check off is to check in. Check in for my flight to San Francisco doesn’t open until 24 hours before my flight departs, so I have to wait until tomorrow to check in. For that one, check in is relatively straightforward, but for the other flights it gets a bit more complicated.

I take off from Heathrow and then 11 hours later I land in San Francisco for an 8 hour layover where I intend to pop out of the airport and see as much of the city as I can in 8 hours. My next flight is from San Francisco to Auckland at 11pm San Francisco time, which is 8 hours behind of UK time. So, theoretically, my flight departs San Francisco at 7am UK time on Thursday.

So, 24 hours before 7am UK time Thursday is, obviously, 7am UK time on Wednesday. That means I can’t check in to my San Francisco to Auckland flight until I am on the way to Heathrow for my Heathrow to San Francisco flight. That one is manageable, but it is made even more complicated by the fact that a few hours after I land in Auckland, I’m flying straight to Wellington, because Auckland is not my final destination. I have one final leg of the journey.

My 15 hour flight from San Francisco to Auckland takes off at 11pm on Wednesday 29th January (7am Thursday 30th January UK time), and lands Friday 31st January at 9am (8pm Thursday 30th January UK time) (confused yet?)

Then, my flight from Auckland to Wellington takes off at 11am local time 10pm on Thursday UK time. This would cause me an issue if check in opened 24 hours before the flight as at that point I’d be on my way from Heathrow to San Francisco, however, Jetstar’s online check-in handily opens 48 hours before the flight departs. Meaning I can either do it tomorrow night or on my way to the airport on Wednesday.

Of course, I could have saved all of this confusion by just paying the extra fiver to check in early, but then I wouldn’t have had anything to write about today.

Until tomorrow, I’ve checked, and I’ll be fine to check in.


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