January 28th 2020

Today, please forget that entire post I wrote yesterday about how I had to wait until today to check in online for my flight to New Zealand tomorrow — it turns out United Airlines have rejected my online check in and I have to do it at the airport.

They have a particularly vague reason for it being something to do with the need to check my travel documents, and I looked up the error message online and it seems the problem is that I selected the option “I won’t be checking a bag in the hold”, and I think that spooked them a bit.

They’re thinking “how on Earth is your return flight scheduled for three weeks time and all you’re taking is hand luggage?”

Their thoughts echo the conversations I’ve had with at least ten people over the past few days. And I will tell them tomorrow “I travel light”. Essentially, they want to ensure that I’m not going to try and take more than my allowance of hand luggage onto the plane.

And I’m not, I just travel light. I mean, the backpack is heavy but it is less than my allowed 14 kilos, and if need be I’ve packed a secondary foldaway backpack that I can decant stuff into. (I know you can’t use the word ‘decant’ for things that aren’t fluid, but I just did so shut up)

I’m slightly perturbed that I’m going to have to get to the airport a bit earlier to ensure my check in goes smoothly, but I’m hoping if I get the chance to speak to a person at the check in desk I can flirt my way into a seat upgrade.

Until tomorrow, a man can dream.


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