January 30th 2020

Today I’m writing this blog 3 hours after I wrote yesterday’s blog, and also technically 2 hours before it’s even January 30th. I feel like this is a total cheat for my ‘one blog every day for five straight years’ streak, but it’s 10pm in San Francisco right now and I’m about to get onto a flight that heads west toward New Zealand.

Because of the quirks of flying west, when the plane lands, it will be January 31st, and the 30th of January will never have existed. I guess technically there would be a couple of hours mid-flight where I was kind of experiencing January 30th on current time zones, but at that point I’ll be at 40,000ft without WiFi and fast asleep over the Pacific Ocean, so I don’t think I can get a blog out in that situation.

And so, I’m writing it now. Because I’ve not slept today, in terms of how my self-prescribed blog rules work, today is still January 29th, even though on a UK time zone it is already well into the 30th.

It’s tough. And it’s a cop out writing it now. But that means that when I land on the 31st I can write that days blog for the 31st, and we’ll have to accept that the 30th never really existed.

Until tomorrow, it’s like time travel.


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