February 28th 2020 Today I’ve peaked too soon on a trip to London. We did Wagas, pub, and then I’ve done train beers because it’s payday and fuck it. But either way it’s far too early to be this drunk, but it’s kinda sorta almost fine because it’s the start of a night out and I’ve still got two hours to kill until we’re there. I mean, everyone else is there already and I’m late because, as mentioned, I’ve fucked it, but we will find out won’t we. The 6:11 train was one I needed to make. I was supposed … Continue reading Peaked


February 26th 2020 Today, I hope that soon we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of slightly underdescribed tales of slightly underwhelming days, but I’m still just so tired and I wanna sleep at 8:30. This is the most consistently tired I’ve been in as long as I can remember. I even got 11 hours sleep last night, so I hoped that would reset my body clock a bit, but here I am, closing my eyes again before the sun has even gone down (it’s probably gone down I just can’t be bothered to get out of bed to … Continue reading Sleepy


February 25th 2020 Today I’m going to bed before 9pm for the third night in a row, even though I know that’s going to result in me waking up at 5am for the third morning in a row. Jetlag has fucked my sleeping pattern to the point where I’m right now struggling to keep my eyes open. Also, I went for a run at lunch so I’m overly tired from that. I know that what I should do is force myself to stay up until 11, which will reset my sleep schedule and force me to wake up at 7 … Continue reading Tired


February 22nd 2020 Today I got out of bed at 5pm. I woke up at 6am and then just napped for 11 straight hours. A combination of jetlag and a hangover meant I was not in a good way. I kept drifting off, and then waking up, and then drifting off, and then waking up. At 5pm, I figured it was probably about time to actually wake up and get out of bed. That said, I’ve not actually left the house today. I need to go shopping because I’ve got no food in the house. Instead of shopping, I’ve stolen … Continue reading Jetlag