February 1st 2020

Today I flew from Auckland to wellington and finally reunited with my friend Jim. I’ve flown 12000 miles over three flights over over three days to see him, and naturally he surprised me at the airport with a bear hug after telling me to meet him at the hostel.

We grabbed breakfast. We grabbed coffee. We grabbed lunch. We grabbed coffee. We did a tour of a practical effects workshop called Weka used by Peter Jackson during the filming and creation of , among other films, The Lord of the Rings series. We grabbed a beer. We grabbed five more beers.

I need to hit five distinct beers a day to reach my goal of tasting 100 different beers before I leave in just under 3 weeks.

I wasn’t expecting craft beer to be such a craze in New Zealand, but in both of the places I’ve been, there’s a mad vibe for it.

Wellington is hipster as fuck, so it kind of makes sense. I tried to find some trainers to buy today, and really struggled to find a decent deal because it’s all cool and alternative and there’s no such thing as sports direct here.

After I had bought a suitable pair of shoes, we rented scooters and made our way back home.

Until tomorrow, the scooters are the best part so far.


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