February 2nd 2020

Today we caught a 7am bus from Wellington across to the South Island of New Zealand. I arrived in wellington yesterday and we had a brief tour, before heading over on the ferry today.

It was a four hour ferry between wellington and the South Island, and then another four hour drive on the bus to where we currently are in Kaiteriteri.

It has a great beach, and the first thing we did was jump straight in the sea.

I think it was the sea. There’s a chance it might have been a lake. But it had sand. So I think that makes it a sea. I’m not sure.

Apparently this was the longest drive of the entire trip, so I’m glad to have got it out of the way early. All in all it was like 11 hours door to door, which was as long as my London to San Fran flight.

In a way, it’s sad that we had so little time here, but that’s just kinda the ethos of the trip. Little and often. You come, you see, you leave.

Until tomorrow, id like to have swam some more.


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