February 4th 2020

Today I’m dressed as Moana’s grandma (I think) at a washout of a fancy dress party in Lake Winihinipua (or something). Our bus broke down twice today. It took us a long time to get to where we wanted to be, but we made the most of it when we got here.

It’s a fancy dress party tonight, and the bus voted for a beach party theme. So our group decided to dress as Moana characters. I’ve never seen the film but I’m told that I currently look like Moana’s grandma. Which is good, because that’s who I was intending on resembling.

It’s actually a mad party., considering it’s a forced fun, icebreaker kind of vibe.

There’s a free canyon swing available for the best dressed, as voted by (I think) the bus driver, and so far I think we’re winning, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, we deserve to win.


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