February 8th 2020

Today we travelled to Lake Wanaka, a beautiful little town in the mid-Centre-ish of New Zealand’s South Island. To get here, we had to drive through, around, and over the Southern Alps. So we saw a lot of beautiful stuff on the way.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to take a second to fully appreciate my surroundings. It’s really easy to become used to it, and to become accustomed to it, but every time you look out the window on the bus you see something new and beautiful.

Every stop is increasingly beautiful. There’s often water involved. And I love water. It’s so calming.

After many pretty stops, we arrived at our final pretty destination.

Lake Wanaka is famous for that tree. It’s a tree that somehow grows in the middle of the lake. I’m not really sure how. There was no one around to ask.

And now, I’m going to bed at 9pm because I’m four hours we’re hiking 16km up a fucking mountain. To the top of this fucking mountain, to be precise:

Until tomorrow, our wake up call is at 2am.


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