February 9th 2020

Today we woke up at 2am to summit Roy’s peak. That was a full 24 hours ago so I am properly knackered. Roy’s peak is a mountain in Wanaka 1600m in height. 16km in distance. And 7 hours in duration.

I realise I just skipped the detail for 8km of hiking, but the hike itself was relatively i a conspicuous. It was dark.

For some reason, the only shuttle bus we could get out to the mountain car park was at 2, which meant that by the time we’d eventually summitted the mountain it was still an hour and a half from sunrise.

That meant that, in order to remain alive on the very top, we all cuddled together for warmth. It was cute. And probably unnecessary.

An hour later, the sun rose, we looked at it, and then began our descent. We didn’t have much time to play with, because our shuttle bus left at 8:30 and our actual bus left at 9.

Making the Second one was always going to be more difficult. But I basically did 2 Norman in so YOURE alwagye — woah I fell asleep.

Basically, we made it to the top. It was pretty. We made it to the bottom.

Cute as duck.


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