February 10th 2020

Today I watched the sunset beyond the mountains here in Queenstown, New Zealand. There were maybe 30 of us, drinking on the beach and watching the sunset. It was quite the end to a Monday.

Queenstown is the place to be in New Zealand for the Kiwi Experience. And so everyone we’d met who was either on the bus in front or the bus behind us are also here, so we tried to get as many people together as we could.

Naturally, there are people missing. But they’ll be here soon. Before we drank on the beach, 20 of us played frisbee golf on a frisbee golf course, and later on played sea frisbee in the sea with a frisbee. That was also fun.

Of all the places I’ve been so far, I think Queenstown is the place I could most imagine myself living. And that’s not solely to do with the amazing number of places you can get decent Asian food. It’s just… wow.

Turns out I didn’t have any photos of the food because I ate it too fast. Woops. Trust me when I tell you though that it was good.

Until tomorrow, Queenstown is ace.


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