February 12th 2020

Today we went luging down a mountain. I’m fairly sure luging is a word, and I use it to mean the past tense of ‘to luge’. If you don’t know the word, when you’re reading it over the next 300 or so words, rhyme it in your head with ‘huge’, but give it a slightly softer ‘j’ sound. Okay?

Right, now the lexical admin is out of the way, let’s continue.

We went luging down a mountain today. It was well fun. You take a gondola up the mountain, and then get in this little Mario Kart all the way down.

Naturally, with 13 blokes (and one woman) in go karts, things got competitive. It got so competitive that often the person who was in the lead would deliberately slow down just for an excuse to crash into the people behind them.

It was really a laugh, and the views were pretty good too.

That’s the thing about Queenstown, there’s always something to do. From skydiving to swimming to luging to Bungy. That’s why we’re here for 6 nights whereas everywhere else we only stayed for 1 or 2. Also: it’s beautiful and the weather is better than anywhere on the South Island. And the food is great. And the coffee is great. It is expensive though.

Until tomorrow, you should try luging if you ever get the chance.


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