February 18th 2020

Today, for my last day in Queenstown, and thus my last full day in New Zealand, we went on a jet boat. The jet boat does 360 spins and drifts as close as possible to the canyon edge — to the point where you feel like you’re gonna hit it. But you don’t. Because the dude knows what he’s doing.

It was great fun. We were sat at the front so the views were good and so were the spins. It lasted an hour too, so was a decent way of spending £65. And I’m glad we did something biggish on my last day.

I mean, saying that, we went quite big on food today.

I started my day by googling “best eggs benedict in Queenstown” and ended up with this, from Vudu:

And then she was ended the day by googling “best Thai food in Queenstown” and ending up with this, from White’s and Wong’s.

Thinking carefully about it, that may just be the best food day I’ve had in a long, long time. Maybe forever. That Asian banquet was probably the best dinner I’ve ever had, and I once ate dinner at a two Michelin star restaurant.

And the breakfast was unbelievable. Just look at the presentation. What a day. What a life. What a town.

According to my bus driver there are 241 places to eat in this town and so far I’ve only sampled ten of them.

Until tomorrow, maybe one day I’ll try them all.


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