February 19th 2020

Today I’m on the second of three flights I’ll take today. Somehow, even though my first flight from Queenstown to Auckland took off at 11am on February 19th, by the time I land in San Francisco, it will be 6am I’m February 19th. I’ll have been on a plane for 13 hours and gone back in time.

My three week trip to New Zealand is over. It was indescribably the best time of my life and I really did not want it to end.

I met great people, did great things, saw wondrous beauty, ate brilliant food, and drank coffee in the place that invented the flat white. I also drank a lot of beer but that’s less wholesome.

Each day brought something new, and each day was better than the last. I’m so sad to be going home, but I have to.

Until tomorrow, for now at least.


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