February 20th 2020

Today I’m back in Britain after a 40-something hour journey travelling back from New Zealand. I am a tired, tired boy.

The journey itself didn’t bother me too much, because I knew that it was a necessary evil in order to facilitate the rest of the trip being possible, but I’ll admit that I felt a pang of regret the first time I saw a British city below me out of the plane window. It may have been Reading, or it may have been London, I couldn’t quite tell because everywhere in Britain is the same shade of grey.

On my journey home I also got to see a decent amount during my stopover in San Francisco, but I’ve left that city thoroughly unexplored for another trip one day. I did get a ferry close to the main attractions, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate, though.

I’d’ve liked to have seen the hilly, windy roads but didn’t have the time in the end. Also, I was knackered. As mentioned, New Zealand is far away. But I’m back now.



I looked at the Grey below the plane as we were coming into land, and I knew that it’s not a place I should be.

Until tomorrow, not for now at least.


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